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Wellness Business Online

I’m Prashun. I teach and mentor aspiring health and wellness coaches to help them build a thriving online wellness business. You can read more about me or get started with the content.

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I’m your online digital marketing friend teaching you how to start
your online wellness business.

I studied Mechanical Engineering and started my career in Sales and Marketing in the Automobile industry. 

Although I wasn’t sure if Sales was my thing, I always enjoyed a good conversation.I strongly believe: “Conversations ultimately lead to Conversions!”

I was fortunate enough to sharpen my soft skills while I was working. I started off a sales guy. I learned the art of need analysis and negotiating.

Later, I entered the field of marketing where I learned the importance of research and strategy.

I hopped on to the wagon of digital and content marketing 5 years back. I realized that the world had changed.

The rules of the market had changed. Marketing had changed. 

I had to quickly equip myself with the changing times to be relevant. And so I did!

Wellness Guidance is a product of all my learnings from the last 8 years. 

Here, I’ll share the best tactics, strategies, and tools to help your wellness business flourish.  I want you to strengthen the foundations of your wellness business. 

Once you do that, you will help as many people as possible through your products and services.

If you feel stuck at any point of our journey, simply email me.

We’ll figure it out together.



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Get the 13 steps to run your successful wellness business

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