Hi. I’m Prashun from Wellness Guidance.

A mechanical engineer by qualification. A marketing specialist by profession. And a story-teller at heart.

Wellness Business About Prashun
Here's me, enjoying a vacation with my awesome wife!

My story

I started my career as an apprentice trainee for a renowned automobile company. It was my first exposure to the corporate world.

Having mechanical engineering as my background, I could easily grasp the technical side of it. But the thing that interested me the most were soft-skills.

There was something that made me curious about people. The mechanics of conversation is fascinating, be it verbal or non-verbal. Marketing seemed a natural choice for me.

My first job became my playing field to experience one-on-one interactions. Be it with a customer, a superior or the Zonal manager of the company. It helped me personally. I learned how to get things through interactions. Things that would benefit me as a newbie.

My next few jobs taught me how to be a team player. The goals were similar but the perspective had shifted. It was no longer about how things would benefit me. It was all about the company.

Besides the marketing efforts, I was part of strategizing the company’s goals. I believed that my career was set for life. I could do this for the rest of my life. And retire in peace like everyone else.Until 2015. I succumbed to a bigger dream and became a freelancer.

I wanted to work for myself and help more companies. Not just the one that hired me. (However,  that company has been a client since I quit). I offered many freelance services to test out my capabilities.

This included social media content, website development, content writing, animation videos, music, logo designing, etc.) 

I had to learn more than 75% of those skills from scratch. But I enjoyed the journey. All of them were simply different mediums of storytelling. That’s when I learned the nuances of online marketing.I worked with many wellness companies and solopreneurs since.

This included hosting a 2-day wellness festival with over 32 guest-speakers. The speakers were authors, trainers, practitioners, and entrepreneurs from various factions of wellness.

Why Wellness?

Honestly, I was never keen on picking wellness as my niche.

As a matter of fact, I despised the vague nature of the online articles on wellness. 

But, I met a lot of wellness entrepreneurs during the wellness festival. I got to know them closely.

We knew each other on a first name basis. 

We had spirited debates about different aspects of wellness.

Unwarranted hype was one of the key points of the debate.

Sure, they all started with flowery vague points. But soon we came out of our own silos.

And the conversations gained a direction.

I realized that most wellness entrepreneurs didn’t claim to know it all. But they wanted to help more and more people with their expertise. 

You see, helping someone need not be rocket science. It’s the intention that counts. And it’s rare. 

I spoke to more and more wellness practitioners. They never shrugged away from any kind of questions.

In fact, they wanted to upgrade their knowledge and skill base. They were receptive to criticism and new ideas alike.One thing they all wished for, was to have more such conversations.

They wanted to know more about people’s problems that they could solve. More importantly, they saw people’s problems in a holistic way.

These wellness entrepreneurs wanted to give their best.

They were willing to gain more knowledge to do.

The wellness industry is rapidly growing. It is already a $4.2 trillion industry.

It grew by almost 13% in just two years. It is positioned to grow twice as much in the next two years.

It means that people are looking for wellness solutions. And just like me, they are barraged with flowery articles on wellness.

The ones that provide one-sided opinions but rarely a well-approached solution.

That’s when it struck me. If I see a gap, I can bridge it. I could be an ally. My experience in online marketing could take these wellness entrepreneurs to the wellness seekers. 

So I started Wellness Guidance. Here, I’ll share the best tactics, strategies, and tools to help your wellness business flourish.Today’s technology may seem overwhelming.

But, the simplicity of it will make you fall in love with it.

Wellness Guidance can be your playing field to find out the marketing plan that suits your wellness business.

How I deal with my clients

Every client comes from a different circumstance, perspective, and set of beliefs. That’s the fun part. That’s when you go back to your roots. Talking!

My former boss said, “If you have 10 clients, you don’t know 10 companies. You know 10 people from 10 companies.”  That has been my attitude for every business meeting with my clients.

Some wanted a new product to be marketed. Some wanted to revamp their brand through online marketing. And some wanted to start everything from scratch.

Storytelling In Business

As a problem solver, you work from a starting point. You have a process. And then, you solve it. That’s your story. I’ll help you tell that story.

  1. Brand positioning: Every case of online marketing is basically a storytelling exercise. If you have an online wellness business, you are a problem solver. That’s your position. 
  2. Brand personality: How you tell your story shows your brand’s personality. You have 5 brand personalities to choose from.

Your story unfolds better if it has these two parameters. On this blog, I’ll share content that you can use to upgrade your brand’s storytelling.

If you feel stuck at any point of our journey, simply email me. We’ll figure it out together. 

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