Best Fabric for Eye Pillows

After an honest day’s work, you want to slip into your comfy blankets and escape into dreams. But thoughts keep you awake all night. Now you can thank the person who made eye pillows. By relieving stress, eye pillows provide many benefits.

Eye pillows rejuvenate your body by calming your senses. There are various eye pillow patterns available. Each one comes with its own benefits. Amid the many eye pillows in the market, you may find it difficult to identify the best one.

Eye pillows are chosen mainly based on fabric. Here we talk about eye pillows and the best fabric available. Keep reading!

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A round-up of recommended products

1. Lavender eye pillow – It reduces eye inflammation and hot flashes.

2. Flax seed eye pillow – Great for hot or cold therapy once heated or refrigerated.

3. Bamboo silk – A natural compressor for your eyes.

4. Pure silk fabric – Gentle and weighs easy on your eyes.

5. Breathable cotton – Alleviates travel strain and comfortable to wear.

5 best fabric for eye pillows

Lavender flowers and organic flax seeds are filled in a soft silky fabric. These lavender pillows offer aromatherapy and relieve stress and migraine.

The lavender and flax seeds combinedly bring to life your tired eyes. You can use this eye pillow during yoga or meditation for deep relaxation.

Chilled lavender eye pillows reduce eye inflammation and hot flashes. They also fix puffy eyes. Lavender eye pillows aid natural sleep.

The lavender scent lasts longer as fillers or oils are not used. That makes lavender eye pillows aromatherapeutic.

Happy Wraps Yoga Flax Seed Eye Pillow Unscented  is made of pure cotton. Organic flax seeds are used in these eye pillows. You can microwave or refrigerate these eye pillows for hot or cold therapy.

This unscented eye pillow soothes your mind and body. It heals, relaxes, and rejuvenates your mind and body.

Happy Wraps can be used during yoga and sleep. These are effective in blocking harsh lights. The organic flax seeds promote sleep by calming down your tensed mind and thoughts. The cotton fabric goes easy on your sensitive skin of eyes.

Lavender Flaxseed Eye Pillow is made of natural bamboo-silk fabric with lavender and rice padding. These eye pillows act as a natural compressor for your eyes.

The soothing sleeping shades enable sleep. This natural bamboo lavender flaxseed eye pillow can be your travel buddy, as a sleep aid.

Padded with organic flaxseed, rice, and lavender, these eye pillows relax your eye muscles and provide acupressure. By soothing tensed facial muscles, this eye pillow encourages blood circulation.

If you are someone suffering with headaches and sinus pressure, use bamboo lavender flaxseed eye pillow.

Pamper yourself. Relax and unwind from your stressors with a bamboo lavender flaxseed eye pillow.

Earth Therapeutics Mind / Body Therapy Anti-Stress Eye Pillow contains natural lavender and chamomile. This aromatherapeutic eye pillow is made up of pure silk fabric that is gentle and weighs easy on your eyes.

Padded with soothing flax seeds, these eye pillows restore your tired and strained eyes. Caressed with pure silk and infused with an aromatherapeutic mix of lavender, this eye pillow is highly effective in relieving stress and anxiety.

Silk is one of the best fabrics for eye pillows as they flow naturally over the contours of the eyes. You can use it while resting, meditating, and napping.

Relieve stress of everyday work Earth Therapeutics Mind / Body Therapy Anti-Stress Eye Pillow, Lavender + Chamomile.

Designed by the best orthopedic surgeons, IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow relieves eye strain, migraine headaches, sinus pain, and tension headaches.

The patented stitching pillow design alleviates pressure on the eyes. The ergobeads in the IMAK eye pillow provides massaging effect on the eye area.

IMAK eye pillow alleviates travel strain and aids relaxation. You can use this eye pillow chilled on your tired and puffy eyes.

The ergobeads used in the eye pillows prevent the pillow from stiffening due to cold. The cotton fabric used in this eye pillow is highly breathable and comfortable to wear.

Use this eye pillow as a cold therapy for migraine, headaches, and sinus pains. You can machine-wash these eye pillows. IMAK eye pillows are a great deal for the price. You can order this product on Amazon.

DIY Eye Pillows

You can make your own eye pillows. You need one half yard of clean fabric (of your choice) for making the pillow. For preparing the fillers, you need half a cup of flax seeds, half a cup of dried rice, and half a cup of dried lavender.

You can also use dried beans as a substitute for flax seeds. You may choose chamomile instead of lavender if that’s your preference.

Avoid using ingredients that you are allergic to. Mix properly all the three items of the filling. Cut the fabric by marking two four-and-a-half-by-ten-inch rectangles on the nonprinted side of the fabric.

Cut along the marks with a scissor. This creates two panels you need to make the eye pillow.

Sew the seams; leave a side open to fill the fillings. Through the pillow’s open seam, pour the filling. Now close the open seam after filling. You can use this eye pillow for relaxing and meditating.


Eye pillows are handy lifesavers as they serve many functions. Eye pillows soothe the eye, block the harsh light, alleviate severe migraine pain, boost relaxation levels, and thus are highly therapeutic in nature.

It is very important to be picky about the fabric of an eye pillow as they directly impact our eyes.

How do you make eye pillows?

All you need is a half yard of clean fabric, half a cup of flax seeds, half a cup of dried rice, half a cup of dried lavender.

How do you make a natural eye pillow?

With sewing equipment ready, all you need is a half yard of clean fabric, half a cup of flax seeds, half a cup of dried rice, half a cup of dried lavender.

Are eye pillows good for you?

They are great at calming you and giving you a good night’s sleep.

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