Best Type of Non dairy Milk

What Is Non dairy Milk?

Dairy Milk has been the major staple consumed by man for generations. However, over the years, other options not sourced from cattle have surfaced in the milk market. These nondairy milk options come in numerous types, so we are again left with the dilemma of choosing the best type of non dairy milk.

Cow’s milk has a high-nutrient content, which is hard to match by nondairy milk types. The best types of non-dairy milk have nutrient profiles that measure just about that of cow’s milk. In addition, nondairy milk products are often fortified with the essential nutrients found in dairy milk.

So whatever your reason is for trying out non-dairy milk, you can still get the essential nutrients from natural dairy products provided you choose wisely. This article is aimed at helping you do just that.

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Why Non dairy Milk?

Are you getting bored of daily dairy milk and wondering what your best options are? Here is a complete guide on nondairy milk types for you.

For Whom Is Non dairy Milk?

Nondairy milk is selected as the milk option by many individuals due to different reasons. This includes lactose intolerance, milk allergies that usually occur in kids, dietary restrictions, and potential health risks associated with taking dairy products.

The sugar that causes lactose intolerance in milk is lactose, while allergy is caused by the body’s reaction to specific proteins contained in milk. Dietary restrictions include vegan diets and other personal dispositions. Some other people abandoned dairy milk due to the possibility of getting contaminated with pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics.

What to Look Out for in Non dairy Milk

If you are opting for nondairy kinds of milk and are wondering how not to miss out on the nutritional values of dairy milk, here are a few things you should put into consideration:

  • Get high-calcium alternatives.
  • Take note of vitamin content, especially vitamins D and B12.
  • Be wary of products containing added sugar, like sweeteners.
  • Consider allergens content as in pea options.
  • Opt for products without additives, such as vegetable gums and carrageenan.

Best Type of Non dairy Milk - Top 5

nondairy-milk-types-best type of non dairy milk

Nondairy milk alternatives have been extracted from several plant sources, which include coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, macadamia milk, pea milk, cashew milk, oat milk, hemp milk, walnut milk, banana milk, quinoa milk, and so on.

The best types of nondairy milk can be chosen in comparison with dairy milk and with other types of nondairy milk. This means that the nutrient profile of each kind of nondairy milk has to put into consideration.

For this article, I willbe critically evaluating only the five healthiest nondairy milk types.

1. Soy milk

soy-milk-best type of non dairy milk

On the nutritional scale, soy milk almost level with cow’s milk. It contains about the same amount of protein and calories and contains less sugar. Soybean milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D relative to regular dairy; this is why it is the best type of nondairy milk. The significant difference is in the taste and texture of soy milk, which is a bit blander than dairy milk.

2. Coconut Milk

coconut-milk-best type of non dairy milk

Coconut milk is arguably the best-tasting nondairy milk type. It has the sweet taste from coconuts, which is smooth and not chalky or bland. On the nutritional front, coconut milk offers less protein compared to regular milk, as well as calcium. However, it is an excellent source of vitamin D, and it also contains more fat than regular milk.

3. Rice Milk

rice-milk-best type of non dairy milk

Rice milk is best known for its hypoallergenic qualities and its high-carbohydrate content. Rice milk contains relatively low protein, calcium, and no vitamin D. However, the fat content is small, and yet it is high in calories. Hence, you must watch out for the fortification with calcium and vitamins if you opt for this. The texture of rice milk is excellent, and it is sweet.

4. Almond Milk

almond-milk-best type of non dairy milk

Almond milk is an excellent choice for people particular about calories, and it contains fewer calories relative to other types of nondairy milk. Almond milk is sweet and has a creamy texture just like regular milk. The protein content of almond milk is not so great, but it contains the needed level of calcium and vitamin D. It is also an excellent option for low fat and sugar.

5. Macadamia Milk


The milk from macadamia is spectacular for its great taste and the buttery outlook. Macadamia milk is high in fat, with a good number of monounsaturated fat content. It contains fewer calories and protein than regular milk and most types of nondairy milk. The calcium and vitamin D content, however, is low. So you should opt for the fortified macadamia milk products.

Best Nondairy Milk Products

This coconut milk from the native forest is one of the best nondairy milk sold. It contains mainly coconut extracted juice with no additives or allergenic preservatives. It is an excellent option for vegans, people on a keto diet, and other people wanting great-tasting nondairy milk. This comes in a pack of twelve and would give you value for your money.

Soy milk is one of the less-expensive alternatives for dairy milk. It contains just about every nutrient found in regular milk. The soybean is organically grown and free of toxic chemicals. This is a nutritious option among the nondairy class. It is also well fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

Silk almond milk is the best-tasting nondairy milk option. You can rest assured that you give your tea, coffee, or any favorite beverage a better taste with the vanilla flavor of this product. It is not only sweet but calcium-fortified alongside other essential vitamins and minerals.

This is another great-tasting option in place of regular dairy milk. Milkadamia milk contains no sugar but derives its taste from the natural buttery flavor of macadamia. This product also has been fortified with essential vitamins and calcium. This macadamia milk product is creamy and combines with coffee and tea.

This nondairy milk option is made from rice, and it is an excellent substituent for dairy milk. This product is high in calories without added sugar. It is fortified with calcium, vitamin D, and other essential micronutrients. The Sprouted Rice Dream is a hypoallergenic option ideal for people with allergies to dairy or peas.


Choosing a non dairy milk option has become cumbersome work in recent times. The difficulty owes majorly to numerous types of non dairy milk available. In selecting the best product, one must consider the kind of non dairy milk, the nutrient profile, additives concentration, and taste.

All these I put into consideration to arrive at the five best types of non dairy milk appropriate for you as a non dairy milk enthusiast. I have also selected specific products available online. Feel free to buy and enjoy any of them.

What is the most healthy non dairy milk?

The healthiest non dairy milk types include coconut milk, soy milk, macadamia milk, and almond milk.

What is the best milk substitute for tea?

Almond tea is probably the best alternative to dairy milk for use in tea.

Is coconut milk or almond milk better for you?

Coconut milk is richer in fat and calories. So it depends on what you want from your dairy substitute.

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