Best Way to Grate Cheese

If you are a cheese lover, you will be glad to know that there is no special day to celebrate the taste of cheese! Indulging in cheese is one thing and making a cheese topping is another.

So, do you know how to grate cheese?

There is a right way to grate cheese, and we may have been doing it the wrong way all along. Tons of kitchen hacks/tricks pop up on social media every day.

Recently, a video of a person grating cheese took the Internet by storm. You must check it out! What is special in that video, you may ask. But did the person show the best way to grate cheese?

Best Way to Grate Cheese - Top 5

There are many devices available in the market known as graters that are used to grate cheese. But it is important to know the right way to grate cheese with them. Also, you can also grate cheese without any grater. Read further to find more about the best ways that would make grating cheese effortless.

1. Four-Sided Cheese Grater

four-sided-grater-best way to grate cheese

We all have a box grater aka the four-sided cheese grater to grate cheese. This type of grater works for both soft and hard cheese. Usually, we place the cheese grater vertically and shred the cheese at the risk of bruises. This is a lot of effort, and many a time you may end up cutting your fingers.

The best way to make use of this grater is to place it horizontally on a non-slippery platform. Instead of moving your hand up and downwards, you move it right and left. This way you save your energy. Also, you will not scrape your fingers or knuckles. The best part of grating cheese in this way is that it is less messy. You can collect the cheese inside of the grater.

A social media user showed this hack to the world, and we realized we have been doing it the wrong way our entire lives!

2. Rotary Grater

rotary-grater-best way to grate cheese

Grating small chunks of cheese in a regular grater is manageable; however, if you want to shred cheese in bulk, you need a better option. The rotary grater helps you grate large portions of cheese with ease.

Unlike regular hand-held cheese graters, rotary graters use the drum blade. You need to crank the handle attached to it, and the shredded cheese oozes out in the chamber, leaving no mess on the counter table. Now, you may grate mountains of cheese without any difficulty.

There are a variety of rotary cheese graters available on the market. Some come with sophisticated technology, and greater durability and flexibility. With this grater, you can grate a bulk of cheese finely or coarsely in an effortless way.

3. Grating A Cheese Without A Grater Is One Of The Ways To Grate Cheese

Yes, you read it right—you don’t need a grater to shred cheese. If you don’t have a cheese grater but want to shred cheese on your topping, we got you covered. We will tell you how you can grate cheese with regular home appliances and utilities. Though some of these methods are not as efficient as the graters themselves, they still get the job done.

without-grater-best way to grate cheese

Use a vegetable peeler to grate your cheese. It may not sound fancy. But with little dedication, you can do it. Place a medium size of frozen cheese on a plate. Hold the cheese block firmly in your fingers of one hand. Hold a peeler, on the other hand, glide the peeler over the cheese in continuous forward motion.

If you are always on your toes but still crave for cheese on your toast, you can grate cheese with this simple hack. Mince cheese in a food processor with a shredding disk. Note, do not shred soft cheese like mozzarella, as it will get smeared and mess up the processor.

4. Microplane Cheese Grater

microplane-grater-best way to grate cheese

Microplane cheese grater is the best cheese grater for hard cheeses like parmesan or pecorino. We all have been using a microplane cheese grater for zesting lemons or garlic. You can also grate small and clean pieces of cheese with this grater. Don’t attempt to shred soft cheese with Microplane cheese grater as it will become mushy.

Place the grater on a plate. Choose a large chunk of cheese and swipe it against the cheese grater in an up and down motion. Tap the cheese grater onto the plate to remove the excess bits of cheese stuck on it.

5. Boska Cheese Grater

boska-grater-best way to grate cheese

If you are fed up with cheese sticking to the grater, try Boska cheese grater. You can efficiently grate soft and hard cheese with this grater. The sharp grating surface makes the cheese smoother. This user-friendly grater shreds smooth, semi-hard, and hard cheese alike. It is also easy on your hands.

You may find it difficult to spot this type of cheese grater everywhere. However, the good news is, you can easily buy it on Amazon. Browse through the catalogue and read user reviews, and buy the best Boska cheese grater.

Side-tip on making the most of the Best Cheese Grater

Coat the cheese grater with a cooking spray. This will allow the cheese to easily slide on the grater.

Grating cheese the right way with the right tools can save time and energy. These are some of the best ways to grate cheese depending on your requirements. From getting the basics right to choosing the right tool, we have covered everything briefly. Never compromise with the extra cheese topping on your food!

What is the easiest way to grate cheese?

Depending on the type of cheese it could be a  box, rotary, microplane or boska cheese grater.

How can I grate cheese without a grater?

A vegetable peeler can double up as a cheese grater in a fix.

How to shred a lot of cheese?

By picking the right kind of grater for the cheese you got. It could be box, rotary, microplane, or boska grater.

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