Best way to store leggings

Leggings are a woman’s best friend as they go with any dress type as well as any body type. Leggings are a great substitute for bulky jeans and are easy to pack. These comfy, fun leggings come in various colors. But the best way to store leggings can be elusive.

If you have a lot of leggings, the sight of a mountain of leggings piling up in your closet is not uncommon. The wardrobe becomes cluttered as a result. Does this story sound familiar to you? Do you also dump your leggings and later struggle to find them? We feel you. Here we try to find the best way to store leggings. 5 great options to choose from.

Leggings come in different types—ankle-length, midcalf length, stirrup, footed, jeggings, disco, and leather to name a few. Not every type of leggings is folded or stored in the same way. Let’s explore the science of storing and folding leggings like a pro.

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A summary of the best way to store leggings:

1. Space-saving hanger – To organize your leggings in an organized and accessible fashion.

2. Storage organizers – Cute storage boxes to fold and store your stuff.

3. Wardrobe hanging bag – When you don’t have space in your closet, this is the way to go.

4. Legging stackers – These are made from woven fabric and is an excellent option.

5. Foldable wardrobe – For those special leggings you will not need regularly. It’s a nice way to keep them cleanly folded away.

When rushing to work, we may struggle to find the matching pair of leggings from our messy wardrobe. Leggings should be organized in a functional and accessible way. You should be able to spot color and the type of leggings without needing to launch a hunting party for it.

Hanging your leggings on a regular hanger can take up a lot of space in your wardrobe, and you will find it difficult to access your leggings. For this, you need HuaQi S Shape Clothes Pants Hangers. Hanging your leggings on this hanger makes getting leggings on and off easier on go.

With HuaQi S Shape Clothes Pants Hangers, your leggings will remain wrinkle-free, and you will save a lot of space in your closet. The colors of the leggings are visible so that you can easily get the perfect match for your wear without disturbing the order. Thus your best cheap leggings are away from creases.

This S-shaped five-layered pant hanger is nonslippery and made of high-quality stainless steel. Amazon users have rated positively the quality and efficiency of this space-saving hanger.

The best way to store women’s fashion leggings is to nicely fold and store in storage boxes. These boxes are available in various sizes. Choose a size that fits your closet. The key to store leggings in storage boxes is to know the right way to fold them.

Lay your leggings on a clean and flat surface. Remove the wrinkles on the leggings by smoothing them with your hands. Fold the waistband over the top of the leggings. Fold your leggings in half, lengthwise. Tuck the bottom of the legging under the waistband. Now start rolling from the bottom up till you reach the waistband.

Tuck the neatly folded bundle in the waistband, or yank the waistband on the bundle. Your leggings are now tightly folded and can be stored in organizing bags. This way you can keep your leggings tidy and accessible.

If you don’t have extra space in your closet and your organized clothes get crumbled on everyday usage, then wardrobe hanging bags are the best option. Wardrobe hanging bags have a transparent window design that allows you to see the colors of leggings. It makes it easy for you to look for the exact legging you want.

Storing leggings in the wardrobe hanging bag protects your leggings from dirt, moisture, and bacteria. It makes it super easy to organize your array of leggings. Fold your leggings as we explained earlier, and store them in each pocket of the hanging bag.

Buy a high-quality wardrobe bag. Check with its capacity and quality to hold your leggings.

You can organize your leggings in shelf organizers. This will save you a drawer and closet space. These stackers are made of woven fabric, which makes your leggings breathable. The window pattern of these stackers makes your storage accessible and stylish. If you are someone who doesn’t love creases in their leggings, this organizer is your savior.

The ergonomic design of the stacker will keep your clothes well organized. Fold your leggings in half, lengthwise. Now grab the bottom cuffs, and bring them to the waistband (aligned with the crease). Bring the first fold up into a neat fold. Stack up your leggings in this fashion in your shelf organizers.

Your closet will look fully organized and in place. Without much effort, organizer stackers save your energy and time. Purchase good-quality and durable shelf stackers for storing your leggings.

The above four storage ways are for storing everyday wear leggings. But we wear some leggings on special occasions, and hence don’t need them everyday. Store those infrequently worn leggings in a ziplock so that they don’t gather dust. A foldable wardrobe does the job. You can store your classic leggings in a nonwoven fabric bag that acts as a shield against dust and moisture.

A steel frame keeps the fabric firm and adaptable for the storage. Easy opening and closing zips give easy access to the leggings. You can glance the leggings through the transparent viewing windows of the foldable wardrobe. It is perfect for your not-so-frequently used leggings. The fully zipped closure keeps your leggings tidy and protected.

The bag is easy to carry. It has a huge space and is an effort saver. When not in use, the wardrobe can be folded and set aside. You can find this product, BlushBees Oxford Fabric Foldable Wardrobe Cloth Organizer Bag on Amazon.


Leggings are lifesavers for girls and women. From gym wear to casual or party wear, leggings complete women’s fashion. To this end, properly storing such precious garments is a must. The above ways to store leggings will help you to store your leggings with less time and effort.

How do you store lights and leggings?

There are several ways like space-saving hangers, hanging bags for your wardrobe, storage organizers and foldable wardrobes.

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