Create Visual Online Content as a Golf Conditioning Specialist

Create Visual Online Content as a Golf Conditioning Specialist

Today, I’ll share and discuss the online business tools necessary to create visual online content as a Golf Conditioning Specialist. I personally have been using these tools for quite a few years. And they’ve reduced my creation cycle time dramatically.

And today I will be helping you with

  • Creating stunning image posts for your social media
  • Having a repository of high definition stock images
  • Creating short eye-catching videos

For your content to make a mark online, you’ll need to create a website first. But today, I’ll not be discussing the basics of getting your wellness business online. Still, if you want to purchase a domain name and hosting plan, I recommend Bluehost.

What is a Golf Conditioning Specialist?

A Golf Conditioning Specialist is someone who identifies physical limitations that could cause a player’s inability to swing a golf club. A golf fitness coach is required to develop and implement an effective golf training program. This is possible after assessing the golf enthusiast’s posture, strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Where can you learn to be a Golf Conditioning Specialist?

There are some good courses available online to get certified as a golf fitness trainer. Take any of these courses, get certified and start your successful niche wellness business online.

  1. GMP Fitness Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification
  2. NASM Fitness Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification
  3. ASFA Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification
  4. TPI Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification

Business Challenges faced by a Golf Conditioning Specialist

The first step is to accept that your niche wellness business will have a limited audience. The next step is to capitalize on this situation. A targeted audience means that you have minimal competition. And there’s a good chance that you will be their natural choice when they find your service online. I was reading articles about this wellness field and read about some people who work in this field. These are some of the major hurdles faced by golf conditioning specialists when they try to transform their unique skills into a successful business.

Getting More Customers:

A golf fitness coach is a very niche domain in health and wellness. The great thing about having a niche wellness business is that you have a targeted audience. However, this can seem to be a problem too.

Having a targeted audience means that your business will not be appreciated by everyone. Your marketing techniques might not be useful when you target everyone. If you post something on your, let’s say, Facebook business page, you’ll not get likes like a generic physical trainer would get.

Online Presence of your wellness business brand:

As a Golf Conditioning Specialist, I’m sure that you don’t have a problem communicating with your golf-enthusiastic clients. But getting your wellness business online is a different ball game. It can get a little difficult to promote your wellness business online as the technical aspects of it might overwhelm you.


Creating Visual Online Content about your niche field:

I know that you are definitely good at creating golf fitness training modules. But it’s not a given that you can consistently create online content regarding your topic.

Designing is an art and that fact itself can be very disarming. When you are focusing to be the best Golf Conditioning Specialist out there, you don’t lose points if you ignore the technical mumbo-jumbo of online content creation.

Best Tools to create visual content for your wellness business as a golf conditioning specialist

Creating online content has become way easier than it used to be 5-6 years ago. I remember when I started out and tried to create social media posts on Photoshop. It used to be a time-consuming process. I took a lot of effort to understand the tool first, and the product was never as good as I imagined.

A lot has changed since. There are many online tools that can create content for you in minutes. Be it an image post or a video. All you have to do is select the content pieces, drag-and-drop, and render the file.

Canva for designing image posts

When I first discovered Canva, I was in love. I could make some really good image posts in minutes. All I did was use their templates and modified it with my own content.

golf conditioning specialist canva for stunning immage posts

Benefits of using Canva:

  • It has a good library of ready-to-use templates for almost every size that you need to upload on the internet
  • It has good repository of stock images and vector graphics
  • You can create image posts in minutes and the end product is of a very high quality


  • Free plan- with a 1GB total storage
  • Canva Pro- with unlimited storage with exclusive access to 400,000 photos and graphics, and branding features for $12.95 per user per month
  • Canva Enterprise- with fully unlocked features at custom pricing


I’d recommend that you try the free plan for Canva to explore its features. Create your first set of image posts right away. When you feel comfortable, go for its Pro version. You won’t believe how easy life gets when you are able to resize your previous image posts. Doing this enables you to re-purpose old content and post it on different platforms.

As an alternative, you can also try Get Stencil, Relay That, and Designrr.

Deposit Photos for Stock Images

Deposit Photos is my go-to tool for royalty-free stock images. Deposit photos If you are using the free version of Canva, you won’t get a lot of stock images for your posts on it. Moreover, for posts related to golf fitness, you need a good source with many photos. You can’t rely on Google images or Canva’s library to get you the right photo every time.

golf conditioning specialist deposit photos for stock images

Benefits of using Deposit photos:

  • You get access to millions of high-definition photos
  • You get more options to choose from for every single category
  • You don’t have to worry about any copyright infringement issues


  • Flexible Plan for 10 hi-res photos at $9.99 per month and $1 for every additional photo
  • On-Demand Plan- 10 images for $49, 25 images for $99, and 100 images for $299
  • Subscription Plan- 75 images for $699 per month


I think you should start your content creation journey with enough stock images. Choosing images can be efficient if done in bulk instead of searching for photos one by one. I recommend you go for the On-demand plan and have a repository of 25 high-def images related to golf fitness.

As an alternative, you could also try Elements Envato.

Creating eye-catching videos

Videos are the most consumed form of media. If you see it, you’ll believe it, right?

I am reminded of my college days when I used to create music and put it on Soundcloud. I got around 500-600 listens on it. Then for my next song, I decided to make a basic animated video to go along with the song. I put that music video on YouTube and got over 5000 views in a few months. Not that impressive, I know! But, for me, I managed to reach more people in less time just because I had put up a video.

This works (exponentially better) for brands and businesses. A video can be processed faster than any other medium. And your chances of getting a highly engaged audience increase with video content.


When I started using Biteable for a client, the client wondered how I managed to post one video every day on his social media platform.

golf conditioning specialist biteable for video creation

Biteable has a number of video templates of different styles.

Benefits of using Biteable:

  • You can make quick animation videos, stop-motion videos, and even live-action videos
  • You can finish creating one video in about 20 minutes without needing any prior training in animation
  • You can upload your high-definition video on any platform


  • Starter Plan- $20 per month (billed annually) with one video per month
  • Pro Plan- $29 per month (billed annually) with 3 videos per month
  • Unlimited Plan – $49 per month (billed annually) with unlimited videos per month


Biteable has a 14-day free trial, which I think is where you should start right away. It will give you an idea of how easy it is to create videos. Once you are comfortable with it, I would recommend you to go for the Pro Plan so that you can post at least 3 videos on your social media every month.

You can also try Reevio, which can create professional-level intros and outros for your videos with your branding.

How to use these tools in a better way and market your wellness business?

Step 1 – Setup your business accounts on social media

Choose a couple of social media platforms that your target audience uses regularly. Facebook and Instagram are good options for targeting golf enthusiasts. Create your business pages on both, design a basic logo using Canva, and create an announce your brand’s arrival on the platform with an introductory post.

Step 2 – Get your library of stock images

Handpick 25 golf-related images from Deposit Photos and save it in your computer. Or you can directly upload it in your Canva library.

Step 3 – Create image posts in bulk

Set a couple of days aside to create image posts in bulk on Canva. 2 days is enough for creating 30-50 image posts. Use the preexisting templates from Canva to create great-looking image posts. Don’t focus on the design, focus on your content that will be helpful for golf enthusiasts.

Step 4 – Create videos in bulk

Use Biteable to create short, crisp, and informational videos regarding golf training exercises. You can create them during its 14-day trial. Once you are happy with the product, (and you will be), purchase the Pro plan and download your videos.

Step 5 – Schedule all your social media posts

Use a social management tool like MissingLettr or CrowdFire to post all your social media posts. Keep an even spread so that your audience gets content in a regular fashion. CrowdFire also gives you an option to share other user’s posts.

golf conditioning specialist crowdfire for social media management

So have a blend of that too while you schedule.

Step 6 – Run ads for your social media posts

To maximize your reach to your target audience, invest a modest amount in advertising your posts on those social media platforms. Pick the posts that are doing well and start advertising them. There is no point in promoting posts that did not work. It is only wise to move on.

While the internet bots work hard to spread your message across through your posts, you can improve your wellness business skills. You can do that by learning from practices used by successful wellpreneurs from other domains.

If you need any more help to grow your customer base as a freelance golf conditioning specialist, I can help you. Simply book me for a free private consultation.

How it works

  • Book your convenient slot for the free call on my calendar.
  • Give me a day to do a detailed review and put together my recommendations
  • Get on the call with me, and take away tons of value for your online business

Click here to book a private consultation with me right away.

If you are in a hurry to skyrocket your wellness business, you can opt-in for my 2-hour consultation session. In a 2-hour consultation call, I’ll work with you on developing a water-tight plan to boost your online business in the next 30 days.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the 2-hour consultation call:

  • Clearly establishing your brand’s identity and USP (unique selling point)
  • Clearly defining your target market – who they are, where they are online and how they want to be reached
  • Developing a detailed plan for publishing signature content that your audience will be hooked on to
  • Complete style guide for all your content, that you can use for years to come
  • Developing a thorough marketing and promotion plan for your online business, including social media marketing, email marketing, and influencer outreach
  • Developing a detailed plan to grow your business network, and establish high-value, long-lasting contacts
  • Outlining your buyers’ journey and the perfect sales funnel for them
  • Integrating tools and plugins that get your potential customers to engage, convert and promote your business

30 days might sound like a short time. But if you are ready to immerse yourself, it is all the time you need to start seeing big changes. You will be able to create a highly-converting online community for your wellness business.

Click here, when you are ready to get on a call with me.

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