Create online video courses as a youth nutrition specialist

Create online video courses as a youth nutrition specialist

Today, I’ll share and discuss the online business tools necessary to create your own courses as a Youth Nutrition Specialist. I have been using almost all of these tools to create videos and video courses. I hope you’ll find them useful as well.

And today I will be helping you with

  • The right gear to record your video courses
  • The right tools to edit and create your video courses
  • The best platforms to publish your video courses
  • A kickass strategy to create and sell your video courses

To create an authority in your field, you’ll need to create a website first. But today, I’ll not be discussing the basics of getting your wellness business online. Still, if you want to purchase a domain name and hosting plan, I recommend Bluehost.

What is a Youth Nutrition Specialist?

A Youth Nutrition Specialist is someone who helps parents to teach their active children healthy nutrition habits. Youth nutritionists provide nutritional strategies to parents who want their children to develop great health and even an athletic development in the future.

A longevity wellness specialist recognizes the optimal dietary habits of children. Youth nutritionists determine adequate and appropriate carbs, fats, and proteins intake for athletic performance as well as overall growth and development of a child.

Where can you learn to be a Youth Nutrition Specialist?

You can upgrade your skill set by taking a course online to be a Youth Nutrition Specialist. You could be a parent, a nutritionist, or a personal trainer. Take any of these courses, get certified and start your successful niche wellness business online.

  1. AFPA Youth Nutrition Specialist Certification
  2. ACE Fitness Youth Nutrition Specialist Certification
  3. IYCA Youth Nutrition Specialist Certification

Business Challenges faced by a Youth Nutrition Specialist

Being a children’s nutrition expert can easily turn into a niche and well-paying wellness business. But you will have a limited audience. That’s not a bad thing, though. Your audience will be a highly-converting one.

You must capitalize on this situation. A targeted audience means minimal competition. And there’s a good chance that will choose your specialized service when they find your service online. According to my research, some of the major hurdles faced by youth nutrition specialists are as follows.

Feeling confident enough to call yourself a specialist:

Sometimes it might feel a bit ‘too much’ to call yourself an expert. That too despite getting a distinctive certification in a super-niche field. You might compare yourself to other generic but more successful nutritionists online. And you feel that you have to completely change yourself to be as successful as them. That typical feeling is known as the ‘imposter syndrome’.

The key is knowing that everyone is as human as anyone else. Putting anything on a pedestal can easily undermine your potential and your identity. The secret is to accept things you can’t influence and focus on things that you can.

Convincing people that your specialty is beneficial to them:

Selling your service on face value can be difficult. That’s because not many people are aware that youth nutrition, as a specialized topic, exists. I too was surprised when I first heard about this niche.

Moreover, when people search for nutrition for their children, they are bombarded with information that is generally applicable to all adults. So there are a lot of parents out there, believing that their children must follow a diet that adult athletes follow.

Finding mediums to convey your message:

You might be active on social media posting regular content about your service. You could be targeting Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn, but don’t get enough engagement. That’s because, although your efforts and content are relevant, there is no personal connection that follows it.

People might find your content useful but they need to be convinced that you really mean what you say. Social media posts are very important but they might just not do the job of creating the ultimate authority.

Best tools to create video courses for your wellness business as a youth nutrition specialist

A video course is the best way to stamp your authority on your topic online. It is the best way to be yourself as you reach out to potential clients across the internet. Also, it is a great way to earn passive income for your business. Your paid courses will continue generating revenue for you as long as they are online.

People who found help with your course are more likely to take your best one-on-one service package. That’s because they’ve had a first-hand experience of the benefits of your expertise.

Here are some great tools that will help through your journey as a course creator.

The right gear to record your video courses

Truth be told, you only need a laptop or tablet to record your video courses. But it is much more helpful for your participants if they can see and hear you clearly.

Here are my recommendations. I use these products myself for recording my videos.

  • Alternatively, Blue Yeti USB microphone for audio recording

Benefits of using the right gear:

  • Your video courses are of professional quality
  • Your students/participants are not distracted due to bad video/audio quality
  • The overall value of your content is raised



I recommend that you buy the Logitech’s c922x webcam and the Blue Yeti USB mic. Although I use the Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB microphone myself, the Yeti mic has a better output and does not to be installed with a complicated setup like mine.

Video recording and Editing software


Camtasia took my camera shyness away! When I started making video courses, I wasn’t comfortable seeing my own face. But one thing I was confident about was my content.

youth nutrition specialist  camtasia for video recording

So, I made a simple slideshow with my content on it and used Camtasia to record my screen and myself simultaneously. My face took a very little space on the screen and my content popped up the way I intended it to. I’m sure most of you are camera shy like me and that’s how Camtasia can come to your rescue.

Benefits of using Camtasia:

  • You can simultaneously record yourself on the camera along with your screen
  • Editing and animating (zooming, panning, etc.) your video elements is very easy
  • Video rendering time is very quick


  • One-time price of $249


I recommend that you try Camtasia with their 7-day trial, get used to it and purchase the product. Camtasia is a robust tool that you can use creatively for any video related tasks.

Publishing and selling your video course


Podia is the best platform right now if you want to sell your courses. Along with your courses, you can also sell digital downloads and memberships for your library of courses.

youth nutrition specialist podia for selling video courses

Benefits of using Podia

  • You can sell your video courses for zero transaction fees
  • You can offer membership to your customers for all your content
  • You can create and grow your email list
  • You can sell digital downloads like ebooks, handouts, etc.


  • Mover Package- $39/month for selling courses and downloads
  • Shaker Package- $79/month for selling courses, downloads, and meberships


I suggest that you opt for the 14-day free trial of Podia and get a hang of things. Then for your first set of courses, you should first try the Mover package. Once you have enough courses, don’t hesitate to go for the Shaker package. The Shaker package allows you to sell memberships to your clients. Selling memberships multiplies your revenue in no time.

How to use these tools in a better way to create and sell your youth nutrition video courses?

Step 1 – Setup your website and domain

I recommend you start by setting up your website first. I use Bluehost and their service and customer support are awesome. You’ll get a great deal if you choose to buy the tool now. Start by clicking this link. Then choose a domain name related to ‘longevity’ or ‘long life’. Remember, that .co domains are cheaper but .com domains are universally recognized.

Step 2 – Set up your email

Get a Google email for your wellness business. Use this email for future communication and to register on the recommended tools. Once you open your Gmail, organize your inbox. Go to settings. Under Inbox, uncheck ‘Default. Check ‘Important first’ and ‘Unread first’. This way, you’re inbox will not be cluttered. And you can focus on things that are important for your wellness business.

youth nutrition specialist gmail for business initial settings

Step 3 – Search for topics to create courses about youth nutrition

Use Google to find out what people are looking for. Type in a keyword youth nutrition in the search box. You’ll see a list of questions after a couple of results.

youth nutrition specialist google search for questions

Then click on the question that’s you’d be capable of answering in your video. The question will expand showing some relevant articles to the question. Then click the result again. The question will collapse again. But some more questions will be added to the previous list.

youth nutrition specialist google search additional questions

Note down the questions in a Google Sheet. Every question could be a topic for your video course. Or you can club up some of these questions to create your video course. These questions are asked by real users on the Google search engine. You can capitalize on this feature and write down these questions for your course.

Step 4 – Scripting the video course

Create an outline for your course. A basic skeleton.

Add bullet points to every chapter like

  • An Intro (problem statement, successful examples, stats, etc.)
  • Understanding the problem statement
  • Best solutions
  • Steps to achieve the solution
  • Brief about the next chapter
  • Outro

Create a Google Slide with your chapters and the main points for every chapter.

Step 5 – Recording your video course with Camtasia

Once your outline is ready, connect your Logitech c922x camera and your Blue Yeti USB microphone to your laptop and open Camtasia. Click on New Recording.

camtasia new recording

Set the video input and audio input to your camera and mic and select ‘Full Screen’ area for capturing your slide.

youth nutrition specialist camtasia start recording

Then hit record and just start talking about your topic.

Step 6 – Publish your video course on Podia and start selling

Create an account on Podia and start selling your course. Make sure that you fill in all the details about your course in detail, wherever necessary. This will help Podia as well as Google to showcase your course in its results when people search for solutions.

Step 7 – Market your course on social media

Choose any two or three social media platforms where your target audience is most likely to be. Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are great places to target parents who want to know about the right nutrition for their children.

Create posts on Canva in bulk about your course in multiple styles. Be as creative as you can be. Use a social media management tool like Crowdfire, PromoRepublic or MissingLettr to schedule your posts. Link them to your course URL/s or landing page/s.

The bots will now work hard to reach your video courses to your target audience. Meanwhile, you could focus on improving your wellness business skills. You should do that by learning from practices used by successful wellpreneurs from other domains.

If you need any more help to grow your customer base as a freelance longevity wellness specialist, I can help you. Simply book me for a free private consultation.

How it works

  • Book your convenient slot for the free call on my calendar.
  • Give me a day to do a detailed review and put together my recommendations
  • Get on the call with me, and take away tons of value for your online business

Click here to book a private consultation with me right away.

If you are in a hurry to skyrocket your wellness business, you can opt-in for my 2-hour consultation session. In a 2-hour consultation call, I’ll work with you on developing a water-tight plan to boost your online business in the next 30 days.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the 2-hour consultation call:

  • Clearly establishing your brand’s identity and USP (unique selling point)
  • Clearly defining your target market – who they are, where they are online and how they want to be reached
  • Developing a detailed plan for publishing signature content that your audience will be hooked on to
  • Complete style guide for all your content, that you can use for years to come
  • Developing a thorough marketing and promotion plan for your online business, including social media marketing, email marketing, and influencer outreach
  • Developing a detailed plan to grow your business network, and establish high-value, long-lasting contacts
  • Outlining your buyers’ journey and the perfect sales funnel for them
  • Integrating tools and plugins that get your potential customers to engage, convert and promote your business

30 days might sound like a short time. But if you are ready to immerse yourself, it is all the time you need to start seeing big changes. You will be able to create a highly-converting online community for your wellness business.

Click here, when you are ready to get on a call with me.

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