Get more clients as a Back Injury Prevention Specialist

Get more clients as a Back Injury Prevention Specialist

Today, I’ll share and discuss the online business tools necessary to run a successful wellness business as a Back Injury Prevention Specialist. I have been (and still am) using most of the tools enlisted in this article. And I’ve heard great things about some of the other tools while I was researching about them online.

And today I will be helping you with

  • Getting a professional email id
  • Optimizing your social media activities
  • Tools that will boost lead generation
  • Automating bookings and appointments

I’ll not be discussing the basics of getting your wellness business online today. Still, if you want to purchase a domain name and hosting plan, I recommend Bluehost.

What is a Back Injury Prevention Specialist?

A Back Injury Prevention Specialist is someone who knows everything about the anatomy of the back and the risk factors that lead to back pain. It involves having complete knowledge of the back muscles, adjoining muscles, relevant bone structures, and their responses to different circumstances.

Where can you learn to be a Back Injury Prevention Specialist?

There are some great online courses that you can take and get certified as a back injury prevention specialist. Take any of these courses, get certified and start your successful niche wellness business online.

  1. GMP Fitness Back Injury Prevention Specialist Certification
  2. AFPA Fitness Back Injury Prevention Specialist Certification
  3. NPTA Back Injury Prevention Specialist Certification
  4. IHFE Back Injury Prevention Specialist Certification

Business Challenges faced by a Back Injury Prevention Specialist

The first step is to accept that your niche wellness business will have a limited audience. The next step is to capitalize on this situation. A targeted audience means that you have minimal competition. And there’s a good chance that you will be their natural choice when they find your service online.

Getting More Customers

Preventing back injuries is a very niche field in health and wellness. The great thing about having a niche wellness business is that it has a targeted audience. However, this can seem to be a problem too.

Having a targeted audience means that your business will not be appreciated by everyone. Your marketing techniques might not be useful when you target everyone. If you post something on your, let’s say, Facebook business page, you’ll not get likes like a physical trainer would get.

Online Presence of your wellness business brand

As a Back Injury Prevention Specialist, I’m sure that you have great people skills. But getting your wellness business online is a different ball game. It can get a bit difficult to promote your wellness business online as the technical aspect of it might seem overwhelming.

Positioning your business online can be especially difficult. Because when it comes to health, injury, or illness, it may seem that people tend to refer to websites like WebMD or directly approach a nearby clinic.

Managing Appointments and Bookings

The core of your wellness business is the ‘wellness’ part. Even if you become the best Back Injury Prevention Specialist, you can’t escape the mundane business tasks like managing appointments and bookings. It is the only way you can get your wellness business running. But no one would disagree that managing ‘bookings’ is the most annoying part of any wellness professional.

Best Tools to get more clients for your Back Injury Prevention Business


When it comes to email, who can beat Google? ‘No one’, is the right answer. Google is the best email solution for any business. It’s the most reliable email service so far. And getting a Google Email for Business

back injury prevention specialist gmail for business g suite

Benefits of hosting with G Suite :

  • You get a custom email for your professional communications
  • You get access to G-Suite that includes tools like video chats via Hangouts, Google Docs, Google Slides, and much more.
  • You also get access to 30GB space of Google Drive.


  • Basic plan includes access to Google Docs ad 30 GB storage at $6 per month per user
  • Business plan includes access to everything in Basic plan along with a coding platform at $12 per month per user
  • Enterprise plan with premium office suite and advanced controls at $25 per month per user


Since you are just starting out with your wellness business as a back conditioning specialist, I suggest you opt for the basic plan. And make sure that you use this professional email id while registering in all the tools I’ll share below.

As an alternative, you can try Zoho.

Social Media Accounts Management

Leveraging social media to engage your audience is the most common advice I give to my clients. But posting on different social media accounts can seem too much work. But what if you could access all your social media accounts from one platform and schedule your posts for the entire month? Doesn’t that sound great? The following tools do just that and much more.


Crowdfire is an all-in-one social media management system that you should consider. It not only gives you a single platform to schedule all your posts but also recommends you other posts that you can share via your account.

back injury prevention specialist crowdfire social media management software

Benefits of using Crowdfire:

  • You can publish and schedule posts on all your social media using one platform
  • You get suggestions of posts to share created by other users in your field
  • You get daily actionable recommendations by Crowdfire to grow your social media followers


  • Free plan- 1 user can handle 4 social media accounts and schedule 10 posts
  • Plus plan- 2 users can handle 5 social media accounts each and schedule 100 posts each at $10 per month
  • Premium plan- 5 users can handle 5 social media accounts each and schedule 100 posts each at $50 per month


I’d suggest that you try the Free plan to start off your social media activities. As you get to know the app, you can upgrade it to the Plus plan. You can also share the plan with a friend or colleague who is in a similar field so that you can share the expenses for more benefit.

As an alternative, you can try Buffer and ContentStudio.

Lead Generation

All your efforts in creating online content are to get leads for your wellness business. Otherwise, what’s the point, right? When you give (with your online content), you are also entitled to ask. I believe that information from your audience is the most important asset for your wellness business. Here are a few ways to generate leads effectively.

Quiz Software

A quiz is one of the best ways to engage your clients. That’s because at the end of a quiz you offer them something…validation. Validation is a great motivator and you must leverage that to get you some leads. Moreover, people love to share a quiz within their circle enabling you to reach more people. Involve Me gives your audience a smoother and richer experience while taking a quiz. The user interface is smoother than any other quiz tool out there.

back injury prevention specialist involve me quiz software

For your audience, the questions flow seamlessly as they pick their answers. What I like about Involve Me is that I can customize it to anyone who chooses to take it.

Benefits of using Involve Me:

  • You can create engaging personalized quizzes in no time
  • Its drag-and-drop feature makes it easier to create a quiz
  • You get insights from Involve Me’s analytical reports


  • Free plan- up to 100 participants per month
  • Starter plan- up to 250 participants per month for $25 per month
  • Professional plan – up to 2,500 participants per month for $95 per month


Since you are a niche freelancer who specializes in back pain management, I think you should opt for the free plan. Once you see how your quiz is being shared around by your audience, you can opt for the starter plan. If you want to use it for a longer time, opt for the annual package as it saves you a lot of money.

As an alternative, you can try out WpQuiz.

Opt-in Forms

Once your audience is well-engaged to your content, they will be ready opt-in to your newsletter or subscription. Opt-in forms pop up on your website and ask for your visitor’s email and stores it in an organized fashion.

You get your email list set according to your preferences. And whenever you have an update, all the people in this list will be sent a personalized update simultaneously. The first time I learned about these tools, my mind was blown at how easy these tools made my job.

Convertbox: Convertbox is a one-stop tool designed to convert your leads into customers. Convertbox stands out for me is its aggression to guide your leads to make a purchase. That too without being intrusive or compromising on user experience.

wellness business convertbox lead generation software

Benefits of using Convertbox:

  • Based on your lead’s actions, you can take them through a customized buying experience that suits them the best
  • You can take leads that are close to purchasing your courses to a page that has a video describing the benefits of your sessions
  • You get analysis of all your lead generation widgets so that you know which ones are performing better


  • Monthly plan- access to all features for $89 per month
  • Lifetime offer (ongoing)- access to all features for a one-time fee of $295


I often suggest going for the cheaper plans before making an upgrade. But Convertbox is a basic necessity for your website that’s running your wellness business. I suggest you take the leap and go for the Lifetime Offer Convertbox is running right now.

As an alternative, you can take a look at Convertful.

Email Marketing

Convertkit: If your business is the brain, I believe that Convertkit is the heart. It pumps all the essential elements to your body to keep the whole body running and helps your brain function. Ok, I’ll stop with the metaphors!

back injury prevention specialist convertkit for email marketing

Convertkit helps you to execute all online activities with one goal in mind. Conversion! It does it through targeted email campaigns.

Benefits of using Convertkit:

  • You can build your email subscribers
  • You can create landing pages to convert your subscribers to clients
  • You can sequence custom automation based on wherever your customer lies in your sales funnel


  • For up to 1000 subscribers – $29 per month
  • 1000 to 3000 subscribers – $49 per month
  • 3000 to 5000 subscribers – $79 per month
  • Above 5000 subscribers – custom pricing


I would suggest that you get the basic plan of Convertkit right away. Use it to create a campaign for anyone who lands on your ‘Service’ or ‘About’ page. As soon as someone lands on this page put a pop-up and ask for their email id. When the person gets an email id, send them an opt-in mail. Once they click to subscribe you guide them to a landing page that includes a video of you explaining your back injury prevention program details. You can also offer a limited time discount so that they are motivated to purchase your program immediately.

Appointment Booking

Invest in booking software. It will dramatically reduce your administrative time and cut off the human errors involved in it.

If a software takes care of your appointments, it also becomes easier for your clients to see your availability. You’ll never have to ask them what time works best for them.

This allows you to focus on what you do best – helping your clients.

Book Like a Boss: I think that the name of this tool says it all. Book Like A Boss is a must have tool for all wellness entrepreneurs like you.

back injury prevention specialist Book like a boss automated payments

Benefits of using Book Like A Boss:

  • You can choose which times you want to work
  • It sends automated reminders to clients who have booked your sessions
  • It has a Paypal integration so that you are paid before the session without any hassles


  • Espresso Plan – basic booking features – $9 per month
  • Mocha Plan – basic features with personal branding – $12 per month
  • Cappuccino Plan – basic features with personal branding, sell services, and coupon codes – $19 per month
  • Latte Plan – all premium features – $29 per month


This is another service where I think you should go for the highest plan. After all, you must never have to worry about managing your bookings. Also, think about it this way. If you had to hire a personal assistant, it would cost you much more than $29 per month. With BLAB, you get the best personal assistant that will never err on bookings, appointments, and payments.

As an alternative, you can try the simplistic yet effective Cogsworth.

How to use these tools in a better way to get more customers?

Step 1 – Setup your website and domain

I recommend you start by setting up your website right away. We use Bluehost and their service and customer support are awesome. What’s more, you’ll get a great deal if you choose to buy the tool now. Start by clicking this link. Then choose your favorite domain name. Remember, that .co domains are cheaper but .com domains are universally recognized.

Step 2 – Set up your email

Get your business email from Google Email For Business. Use this email for future communication and to register on the recommended tools. Once you open your Gmail, organize your inbox. Go to settings. Under Inbox, uncheck ‘Default. Check ‘Important first’ and ‘Unread first’. This way, you’re inbox will not be cluttered. And you can focus on things that are important for your wellness business.

back injury prevention specialist gmail for business

Step 3 – Network and promote your content

Use social media to the fullest and promote your content. Converse with other like-minded people via social media and build your authority. Create content pieces using Canva about back injury prevention in bulk. 2-3 days is good enough to create content for a whole month. Schedule them using Crowdfire. Have a nice blend of your content and content by other users.

Step 4 – Capture emails from your traffic

Create shareable quizzes using Involve Me and host in on your website. These could be a quiz with 5-8 questions titled ‘Are your back muscles really strong?’ Create opt-in forms with Convertbox and post it on your ‘Service’ and ‘About’ pages. This way you’ll be able to segregate the high priority crowd that visits your website. This audience has an intent to purchase your program. Use Convertkit to send your email lists personalized emails updates about your wellness business. Create landing pages to guide them to the benefits of your program and also teach them how to book an appointment.

Step 5 – Automate your appointments

Set up your preferred work days and time slots on Book Like A Boss, and let the bots handle your bookings and update you with a notification. Meanwhile, you can improve your wellness business skills by learning from practices used by successful wellpreneurs from other domains.

If you need any more help to grow your customer base as a freelance back injury prevention specialist, I can help you. Simply book me for a free private consultation.

How it works

  • Book your convenient slot for the free call on my calendar.
  • Give me a day to do a detailed review and put together my recommendations
  • Get on the call with me, and take away tons of value for your online business

Click here to book a private consultation with me right away.

If you are in a hurry to skyrocket your wellness business, you can opt-in for my 2-hour consultation session. In a 2-hour consultation call, I’ll work with you on developing a water-tight plan to boost your online business in the next 30 days.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the 2-hour consultation call:

  • Clearly establishing your brand’s identity and USP (unique selling point)
  • Clearly defining your target market – who they are, where they are online and how they want to be reached
  • Developing a detailed plan for publishing signature content that your audience will be hooked on to
  • Complete style guide for all your content, that you can use for years to come
  • Developing a thorough marketing and promotion plan for your online business, including social media marketing, email marketing, and influencer outreach
  • Developing a detailed plan to grow your business network, and establish high-value, long-lasting contacts
  • Outlining your buyers’ journey and the perfect sales funnel for them
  • Integrating tools and plugins that get your potential customers to engage, convert and promote your business

30 days may sound like a short time. But if you are ready to immerse yourself, it is all the time you need to start seeing big changes. You will be able to create a highly-converting online community for your wellness business.

Click here, when you are ready to get on a call with me.

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