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Write engaging blog content as a Longevity Wellness Specialist

Today, I’ll share and discuss the online business tools necessary to create online blog content as a Longevity Wellness Specialist. I have been using almost all of these tools to write my own blogs. I hope you’ll find them useful as well.

And today I will be helping you with

  • Doing keyword research before you start writing your blog
  • Writing blog posts that will reach your target audience
  • A kickass blogging strategy

To post your blog content you’ll need to create a website first. But today, I’ll not be discussing the basics of getting your wellness business online. Still, if you want to purchase a domain name and hosting plan, I recommend Bluehost.

What is a Longevity Wellness Specialist?

A Longevity Wellness Specialist is someone who understands all the biological processes involved in aging. With the knowledge of thorough research on anti-aging, longevity wellness specialists guide their clients to lead a long and healthy life.

A longevity wellness specialist has an in-depth understanding of the latest anti-aging nutrition products. Guidelines and exercise regimes provided by these specialists are valued by longevity-seeking health-conscious people.

Where can you learn to be a Longevity Wellness Specialist?

There are some good courses available online to get certified as a longevity wellness specialist. Take any of these courses, get certified and start your successful niche wellness business online.

  1. AFPA Fitness Longevity Wellness Specialist Certification
  2. GMP Fitness Longevity Wellness Specialist Certification
  3. WITS Longevity Wellness Specialist Certification

Business Challenges faced by a Longevity Wellness Specialist

Being a longevity expert can turn into a niche wellness business. But you will have a limited audience. That’s not a bad thing, though. Your audience will be a highly-converting one. You must capitalize on this situation. A targeted audience means that you have minimal competition. And there’s a good chance that will choose your specialized service when they find you service online. According to my research, some of the major hurdles faced by longevity specialists are as follows.

Writing about what you do:

When you take your business online, people will only choose your services if they get more information. Selling your service on face value can be difficult because not many people know about longevity wellness. I too was surprised when I first found out about this field. Moreover, even if people land on your website, they need to read about more topics related to longevity. This will prime them to actually purchase your service/programs. The best way to get them engaged is to write a blog with your expert opinions on the subject.

Finding topics to blog about:

You might have an idea about the topics you can blog about. But once you open the Word document on your laptop, most of the ideas wash away and all you have left is panic. The biggest contributor to that panic is the question “Who will read this?”. The concern has merit only because you are not aware of what people want to read. People search for solutions on the internet every time. A little research is all you need to overcome this problem. I’ll discuss how to do that in just a bit.

Being consistent with sharing your thoughts online:

Putting out blog articles consistently is as important as writing good content. But most wellness entrepreneurs give up blogging if their first 2-3 articles don’t manage to bring in clients. Writing regularly gives your audience confidence in your ability to help them out. Moreover, it also notifies the internet bots (basically, Google) that you are an active content provider. With time, your articles will be pushed ahead on the search pages. The higher you rank, the more viewers you’ll get. And eventually, these viewers can become your future customers. This cycle will iterate itself continuously. And every time you’ll see an exponential rise in your online following.

Best Tools to blog content for your wellness business as a longevity wellness specialist

For your content to show up on Google’s results pages, you need to optimize it accordingly. That is the basis of SEO aka search engine optimization. You need to know what topics people want to read about, what keywords people are searching for, and how you can manipulate these parameters to rank higher on Google. Here are some great tools that will help you do just that.

Finding topics to write about


Ahrefs is one of the best content research tools out there. You can not only find the most popular articles written about a certain topic but also get all the parameters of the article.

longevity wellness specialist ahrefs for blog topics

Using this you can figure out how other articles are faring online. And what improvements you can bring to the topic through your own article.

Benefits of using Ahrefs:

  • You can get all insights of articles of a specific topic
  • You can get content ideas based on what people are looking for online
  • You can analyze how the big players, as well as your competition, are doing with their blogging efforts related to longevity.


  • Lite- 50 Content Explorer reports per day for $99/month
  • Standard- 100 Content Explorer reports per day for $179/month
  • Advanced- 500 Content Explorer reports per day for $399/month


I’ve been using Ahrefs for the last two years and it hasn’t disappointed. I started with the Lite package and I suggest you do the same. With the Lite package, you also can research 25 keywords per day and also analyze over 100 URLs per day.

As an alternative, you can opt for SEM Rush. It is very similar to Ahrefs and you can go for the 7-day free trial to get a hang of things.

Keyword research for blog posts


Another handy tool for your keyword research is Ubersuggest. It’s a tool developed by online marketing guru, Neil Patel.

longevity wellness specialist ubersuggest for keyword research

The tool is free and very useful and it is always upgrading itself with new features.

Benefits of using Ubersuggest:

  • You can get all the details about a specific keyword for free
  • You get parameters like search volume (how many look for this term online every month), competition (how easy it is to get on Google’s first page), and CPC (how much advertisers are ready to pay for this keyword)
  • You get suggestions for other keywords based on your original keyword. You can use those keywords to make your blog post richer.
  • You get content ideas related to your searched keyword and plan your content accordingly.


  • Ubersuggest is a free tool with all features unlocked. You do not have to register to the service or even give your details to use it.


I recommend you start using Ubersuggest right after reading this guide. Try putting keywords related to your longevity, export all the options and use it in your next article.

Writing your blog post


Grammarly has made my life much easier as a blogger. Now, I never have to worry about spelling ‘receive’ wrong.

longevity wellness specialist grammarly for spellcheck

It works in real-time and does much more than checking your spelling.

Benefits of using Grammarly:

  • It checks your spellings, punctuations, and structural errors in real-time
  • It helps you avoid redundant or excessive words making your blog post crisp
  • It works on almost all websites as well as Word, Google Docs, and Gmail


  • Free version- only checks basic spelling errors
  • Premium version- $29.95/month for all features including advanced grammar and punctuation error checker, plagiarism checker, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and genre-specific writing style checks.


Grammarly is a must-have for every blogger. Of course, there’s a free version available. But I would urge you to try the Premium version, especially if you are just starting out with blogging. Meanwhile, you can add the Chrome plugin right away and start using it.


Hemingway Editor is a tool that humbled me as a content writer. Its sole aim is to tighten up your content. It shows you how your content might have bloated sentences or words that do not need to be there. You never would imagine how long your sentences can be. That’s because you follow your thoughts as you type.

longevity wellness specialist hemingway for tight content

Hemingway puts a check on that and makes your content crisp. It also reminds you that your readers might not want to read everything you have to say.

Benefits of using Hemingway:

  • Your content gets crisp and concise
  • Your content is legible and can be even be followed by relatively slow readers
  • Without the fluff, your content becomes more impactful


  • Free version- can be used online
  • Desktop version- One-time purchase of $19.99 accessible for all documents on your desktop.


If you are just starting out, I recommend you let your first set of articles go through the free Hemingway Editor. Aim for a score of below 6 for every article. Once you are comfortable enough, download the Hemingway App. When you do that, you are entitled to free upgrades.

How to use these tools in a better way to write amazing blog content that will reach your audience?

Step 1 – Setup your website and domain

I recommend you start by setting up your website first. I use Bluehost and their service and customer support are awesome. You’ll get a great deal if you choose to buy the tool now. Start by clicking this link. Then choose a domain name related to ‘longevity’ or ‘long life’. Remember, that .co domains are cheaper but .com domains are universally recognized.

Step 2 – Set up your email

Get a Google email for your wellness business. Use this email for future communication and to register on the recommended tools. Once you open your Gmail, organize your inbox. Go to settings. Under Inbox, uncheck ‘Default. Check ‘Important first’ and ‘Unread first’. This way, you’re inbox will not be cluttered. And you can focus on things that are important for your wellness business.

longevity wellness specialist Gmail organized

Step 3 – Find topics to write about

Create a Google Sheet to note down your blogging strategy. Make Use Ahrefs or Semrush’s Content Explorer and put terms like ‘longevity’, ‘long life’, ‘anti-aging’, and go through the articles that pop up first. Enter the points that you’d like to write about in the excel sheet.

Step 3 – Keyword research

Go to Ubersuggest and enter the topic’s keywords. Check for the search volume. For a niche wellness business like yours, you can keep a limit of minimum 500 search volume. Also filter out keywords that have a difficulty above 20. Keywords with difficulty lower than 20 will give you a better chance of ranking on Google. Now export these keywords and add them to your list. Also check for keyword ideas that have the same parameters. Add them to your list too.

Step 4 – Writing the article

Open a Google Doc and enter your title. It should have your main keyword. Set it to H1.

longevity wellness specialist H1 H2 H3 blog skeleton

Now, using your list, write down the skeleton of your blog post. Use the following format.

Title – H1

Intro –

Point 1 (primary keyword 1) – H2

  • Point 1(secondary keyword 1) – H3
  • Point 2(secondary keyword 2) – H3
  • Point 3(secondary keyword 3) – H3

Point 2 (primary keyword 2) – H2

  • Point 1(secondary keyword 1) – H3
  • Point 2(secondary keyword 2) – H3
  • Point 3(secondary keyword 3) – H3

Point 3 (primary keyword 3) – H2

  • Point 1(secondary keyword 1) – H3
  • Point 2(secondary keyword 2) – H3
  • Point 3(secondary keyword 3) – H3

Conclusion – H2

Once you have this skeleton ready, you don’t have to think while writing. Just fill in the spaces underneath the topics with your thoughts. After you have finished writing the article, use Grammarly for any spelling errors and Hemingway to make your content sharper.

Add a few images using Deposit Photos, a few screenshots, and fill in all the metadata. Your SEO article is now ready. Also, it is targeted at a specific audience who would love to hire you as a longevity wellness specialist.

The bots will now work hard to spread your blog posts across the internet. Meanwhile, you could focus on improving your wellness business skills. You should do that by learning from practices used by successful wellpreneurs from other domains.

If you need any more help to grow your customer base as a freelance longevity wellness specialist, I can help you. Simply book me for a free private consultation.

How it works

  • Book your convenient slot for the free call on my calendar.
  • Give me a day to do a detailed review and put together my recommendations
  • Get on the call with me, and take away tons of value for your online business

Click here to book a private consultation with me right away.

If you are in a hurry to skyrocket your wellness business, you can opt-in for my 2-hour consultation session. In a 2-hour consultation call, I’ll work with you on developing a water-tight plan to boost your online business in the next 30 days.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the 2-hour consultation call:

  • Clearly establishing your brand’s identity and USP (unique selling point)
  • Clearly defining your target market – who they are, where they are online and how they want to be reached
  • Developing a detailed plan for publishing signature content that your audience will be hooked on to
  • Complete style guide for all your content, that you can use for years to come
  • Developing a thorough marketing and promotion plan for your online business, including social media marketing, email marketing, and influencer outreach
  • Developing a detailed plan to grow your business network, and establish high-value, long-lasting contacts
  • Outlining your buyers’ journey and the perfect sales funnel for them
  • Integrating tools and plugins that get your potential customers to engage, convert and promote your business

30 days might sound like a short time. But if you are ready to immerse yourself, it is all the time you need to start seeing big changes. You will be able to create a highly-converting online community for your wellness business.

Click here, when you are ready to get on a call with me.

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